trohestar 1D Mini Barcode Scanner with Bluetooth CCD Scanner Model N3-CCD Grey

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  • The sales price on our website includes the cost of air freight to the United States. Freight charge varies for different regions. Please contact us to revise the freight before you pay.
  • CCD sensor, can read regular 1D barcodes on screen or shinny paper. Compatible with PCs, tablets, smart phones based on Windows, Linux, Android, IOS. Keyboard and manual input available, prefix/suffix/terminator/hide characters available.
  • Wired & 2.4G Wireless & Bluetooth Modes. MID, SPP, BLE Bluetooth profiles for flexibility. Transmission distance up to 150m in 2.4G wireless mode and 50m in Bluetooth mode depends on environment, obstacles and signal interference.
  • Instant Upload & offline Storage. You can scan and upload instantly, or store barcodes in the memory and upload later. With 16MB memory, it can store 130,000 barcodes max. With type-C USB cable to ensure better transmission and charging.
  • Manual Scan & Auto-sensing Scan & Continuous Scan. 1200mAh battery ensures 20 hours of continuous handsfree scanning, no pressing the button for efficiency. Lightweight and portable, with the ergonomic shape fits your palm, avoid muscle strain even for long-time using.
  • IP 42 anti-shock, durable plastic ensure the scanner can withstand drops up to 5ft/1.5m high . Come with an EVA storage case and covered with one-year warranty and 30-day return policy. ( Any issue please contact our support team, we’ll reply within 12 hrs. )


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144 reviews for trohestar 1D Mini Barcode Scanner with Bluetooth CCD Scanner Model N3-CCD Grey

  1. Ramazan Buga

    This is my second trohestar barcode scanner, other one is broke down which I brought 2019 and second one is I brought 2022. I like it. I advise to my friends and they working independent contractor like me.

  2. Adam Martinez

    Its compact and easy to carry around. What bothers me is that sometimes it disconnects while scanning.

  3. Lacey Chamness

    So far, it’s been a handy product to keep all my books organized. When I rent out my books, I can keep track of those too.

  4. Amazon Locker Hub- HSE/Joseph Wong

    In the few days that I have used my mini barcode scanner, this has worked perfectly!

  5. Timothy N Teer

    I like this Scanner and will use it alot. Looking for some help with it as I can only scan with the usb cable and not wireless

  6. Deb Nease

    Another media specialist suggested it and loves it.

  7. Krystal Brijlall

    Haven’t used it yet, look forward to using

  8. Michael Mann

    Seems to work reliably. Lightweight and easy to carry around.

  9. Yanily Morales Vazquez


  10. Latoya Wilson

    Nothing at this time as I have yet to use the scanner. I can provide an updated comment once I have had a chance to use it and its features.

  11. Amanda Monroe

    I was a little worried at first because the plastic around the device itself was ripped open but everything was still in the box and the set up was easy. So far, no major issues.

  12. Mike Jensen

    I started issuing this as a standard when I receive requests to purchase a 1D scanner.

  13. Elizabeth Blackmon

    It makes my job so much easier

  14. Keri Thivierge

    As a teacher, this is going to be huge for my classroom library. I am also thrilled to see the diversity audit feature – as a teacher trying to diversify her library as much as possible, this makes everything so much easier! Thank you so much!!

  15. chana rothman

    very convenient because of it’s size. i’m using it for our school library and it’s working really well.

  16. Harley Renden

    I am using it for my business Works perfect. Just bought one for a new driver

  17. Ronald Alexandre

    It’s easy to use, incredibly portable, and longer lasting than the other barcode scanners that I have received.

  18. Hector Gonzalez

    It’s very good…… I like it……………..

  19. Chad Noel

    I like that it is small and portable and wireless.

  20. Jamil Hasan

    Mobile, easy to use, I use it to track inventory in two different location using the store mode, and at the end of the day I just upload the scanned barcodes into my laptop.

  21. Ronak Patel

    It’s a sleek device that works perfectly! Definitely recommend it to everyone.

  22. Jason

    I like how user friendly it is and how simple the instructions are to understand and follow.

  23. keith werner

    I love this scanner, I use it daily at work for inventory!


    Easy to use; easy to pair; good battery life; robust operation

  25. NIck Monroe

    Its a fantastic little device. Quickly scan any kind of barcode

  26. Martin Carrillo

    So far I have been impressed with Trohestar scanner as it works great I had used a Motorola and I found the Trohestar scanner much faster response

  27. Kaushik Dendi

    I like the product. It is handy and has a very good manual for a starter like me. Easy to connect. I just love the way everything is based on barcodes in the manual.

  28. Swapnil Patel

    it is great product and good functionality easy to use

  29. Jack Izzard

    great product for scanning multiple bar codes to my phone, quick and easy, no fuss!!


    I wished the beam of light will be more narrow, its hard to scan when the BARCODES are very closed together. But over all it works for now.

  31. Debra Megill

    Not necessary with my friends and family, but will definitely let others in my organization know about the product

  32. Roger McGee

    So far the product works as promised, easy and sleek.

  33. Keller Transport

    We are a delivery business and use the scanners for the barcodes. These scanners are great, and they have the c-type charge port, so that’s wonderful!
    Thank you!

  34. John Kirby

    I have only used it one day. It worked really well.

  35. Anna

    Love it! Already told my sister about it and she bought one too!

  36. Keith Paskett

    Reliable and easy to use.
    I love that it is so configurable.
    It works great with the software my company sells.
    I will be recommending it to my customers.

  37. Reece LaFaye

    Scanner works great but we did not receive a user manual with it so we cannot unlock a majority of the features it offers. Would be a perfect scanner if we could get the manual.

  38. Emily

    I found it very easy to setup and worked quickly with the app I wanting to use it for.

  39. Paul J Tolbert

    It has a very sleek design and has ease of use.

  40. Buddy Forrest

    Haven’t used it much but it was super easy to set up on my laptop.

  41. andrew gale

    looks good alittle bigger then i thaught

  42. Darci Bruggman

    Having trouble setting it up. I will keep working on it!

  43. juice

    IT’s an inconvenience, I won’t use it again. JUST SO SO

  44. Elizabeth Rosa

    very good product scanner wotks great

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