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We supply premium quality barcode scanners with affordable prices

Unique Design

Trohestar products are designed by our experienced product expert and patented in the USA market.

100% Tested

All Trohestar products are tested before shipping to customers. We try to best to deliver a complete item to every customer.

High Quality Material

We use high-quality material to make sure every piece of Trohestar product is durable.

Professional Customer Support

Contact us now if you have any question. Or easily open the online chat on in this page.

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What Our Customers Say?

Must have for a small start up company.

This is my third scanner and I like this because it have a battery status on the screen. The other I have does not have this. So you would be guessing how much battery is left. I was able to link it to my laptop and scan further away. It is give me the singnal indicator if I am too far away from my laptop. The part that I am not a fan is when you turn it on. The laser is shooting out already. But I got used to it. Still a must have compare to the other scanners with the screen. This is a fraction of the pric
Thomas a.

Will save hours on inventory time and increase accuracy.

Super fast shipping. Great price. This is going to save me a ton of time and money on inventory. Easy and works out of the box. Arrived fully charged, and it works with the software I already have on my computer. Thought setup was going to be difficult but it just connected. Great buy. I may buy one more to use for sales and have another for scanning inventory.

I’ve had my scanner for less than a day and I’ve already started using it. I can’t believe I’ve gone so long without one of these.


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