trohestar 1D Wireless Barcode Scanner Inventory Scanner Laser Scanner Model NS7108-L

(25 customer reviews)


  • 【Stylish Design】- Equipped with 2.2-inch HD color screen, the barcode scanner can display the current wireless channel used, wireless signal strength and battery power. Users can view barcode content, type and length in real time. Multi-function: Wired / Wireless scanner, Data collect, Inventory mode etc.
  • 【Plug and Play】- Simple installation with any USB port, no any drive needed. Read all the standard 1D bar codes like 1D UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, BOOK barcode. Ideal use in a wide range of situations and workplaces for businesses, shops and warehouse operations.
  • 【Long Distance Wireless Transmission Technology】- Transmission distance can up to 50meter / 164ft in the warehouse, office etc. 100m / 328ft in the barrier free environment.
  • 【Compatible System】- Compatible with Windows, Linux. Work with Word, Excel, Novell, Quickbook, InFlow etc. Only work on device that has USB port, not for iPad, tablet, smart phone.
  • 【Two Upload Mode】- Instant upload mode:Scan the bar code, the data will be uploaded to your device in sync; Storage mode: Scan the bar code and store the data inside the built-in storage of scanner, and then upload the data to your device when you need it.Note: All the functional problems can be solved within 12 hours when you choose our product. Contact us:


This is a plug & play wireless barcode scanner that can read 1D linear bar codes.Thank you for using our new PDT Series Wireless Bar Code Collector. It combines the wireless barcode scanner and various commonly used wireless barcode data acquisition functions

  • Inventory Scanner
  • 1D Barcode Scanner
  • USB Barcode Scanner
  • Wireless Barcode Scanner

Data Collect Mode

The mode is non-real-time transmission mode, all the barcode acquisition after mass transfer, the user can choose to export wireless or cable. All scanned barcodes are stored in FLASH memory in scan order, and power loss does not result in data loss.

If your barcode cannot be scanned, don’t rush to return it. Probably because the bar code density and bar code type are different from our product settings, please c ont act us for special settings, email:


Long Range Wireless Transmission

Maximum support for 32 wireless channels, the transmission distance of 50-100 meter.


Inventory Mode

Each time the barcode is scanned, the corresponding quantity of the barcode is increased by one, or the number of manual counting input can be directly pressed to be overwritten or accumulated.


Plug and play

Compatible with Windows, Works with Quickbook, Word, Excel, Novell, and all common software.

25 reviews for trohestar 1D Wireless Barcode Scanner Inventory Scanner Laser Scanner Model NS7108-L

  1. Steve Hembree

    Great little scanner! I am still learning about it but seems to work great. I like the large screen.

  2. Nicole Lynn Bruton

    Okay, I love the product it is very easy to use.

  3. Cheryl Williams

    Just started using it, so don’t have a lot of information quiteyet.

  4. Luz Chavez

    I Love the design, its very user friendly and perfect for productive inventory checks.

  5. Steve Enos

    I have just started using this product. So far it seems to be a good unit. I am having some trouble with it reading bar codes generated by the software I’m using but hope to have it resolved soon.

  6. Sylvia

    Its convenient, but wished it had bigger screen and words so my parents can see better.

  7. Arthur Yu

    exactly what we were looking for

  8. Christie Conner

    I haven’t used the product as of yet. I have a few questions regarding its setup.

  9. Mark Gessner

    Just started using it but already it has made the very boring chore of counting inventory –dare I say it? — FUN!

  10. Steven Eastman

    Easy to use but have not used all functions for inventory at this point.

  11. Joni McLain

    have not been able to get it set up on our computer system yet… i like the design and the easy to read screen so far

  12. James Morningstar

    Love the weight, the features, and the price. Not many people to recommend a handheld inventory scanner to, but the few I can, I will.


    its looks good now will see how its work

  14. Melissa Middendorp

    just got it, so far so good. Seems to be working well with keeping track of inventory.

  15. Dolores Manzo

    Still kind of new, but learning about it every time I use it

  16. Darrell F Florez

    I have only used it a few times since I got it but I plan on making it my inventory stand only product for everything from receiving to inventory cycle counts to inventory adjustments. only with my eMaint software. I think they work well together and could be very beneficial in the long run to help set up my locations and bins as well. Light weight and seems to be minimal but it has done much for such a simple product.

  17. Michael Esposito

    I haven’t used it enough to give it a 10, I will say it is well designed and feels good in your hand



  19. JOEL

    Excellent Purchase great product I like it because is so easy to use. We made an excellent choice.

  20. Alexis Lopez

    I am still learning how works, but look good, easy usage, great connection

  21. William Doyle

    Have not used it yet. I was just activating the warranty……………………………………………


    I was looking for a cheap and good barcode scanner and I found this one on amazon. It’s good enough for the price.

  23. Mac

    Still getting used to using it. Haven’t had a scanner like this before but glad to finally have one. We wanted out UPC’s to compile to count quantity and this is just the solution!

  24. Jiselle Hand

    We have barley started using it but it works great. I like how simple it is to use and the instructions are very easy to read.


    We are still testing phase, but we have some questions and will need support, so we are going through registration process now.

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