trohestar 1D Mini Barcode Scanner with Bluetooth CCD Scanner Model N3-CCD Grey

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  • The sales price on our website includes the cost of air freight to the United States. Freight charge varies for different regions. Please contact us to revise the freight before you pay.
  • CCD sensor, can read regular 1D barcodes on screen or shinny paper. Compatible with PCs, tablets, smart phones based on Windows, Linux, Android, IOS. Keyboard and manual input available, prefix/suffix/terminator/hide characters available.
  • Wired & 2.4G Wireless & Bluetooth Modes. MID, SPP, BLE Bluetooth profiles for flexibility. Transmission distance up to 150m in 2.4G wireless mode and 50m in Bluetooth mode depends on environment, obstacles and signal interference.
  • Instant Upload & offline Storage. You can scan and upload instantly, or store barcodes in the memory and upload later. With 16MB memory, it can store 130,000 barcodes max. With type-C USB cable to ensure better transmission and charging.
  • Manual Scan & Auto-sensing Scan & Continuous Scan. 1200mAh battery ensures 20 hours of continuous handsfree scanning, no pressing the button for efficiency. Lightweight and portable, with the ergonomic shape fits your palm, avoid muscle strain even for long-time using.
  • IP 42 anti-shock, durable plastic ensure the scanner can withstand drops up to 5ft/1.5m high . Come with an EVA storage case and covered with one-year warranty and 30-day return policy. ( Any issue please contact our support team, we’ll reply within 12 hrs. )


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144 reviews for trohestar 1D Mini Barcode Scanner with Bluetooth CCD Scanner Model N3-CCD Grey

  1. Christie Heimann

    Easy set up. Works great on my Mac with Shopify

  2. Brandon Jarvis

    Other than it taking a while to connect to the device, it’s a great product. I’ve already convinced 5 of my coworkers to buy one of their own.

  3. Jeff

    Love it so far. I’m trying to make it so that upon scanning it would send to printer right away. Any help would be great!

  4. Guy Clement

    Works wonderfully well! The laser precision captures the barcode extremely accurately.

  5. Blayne simpson

    Nice and easy to set up. Nice case

  6. Thai Doan

    I like it. It works so far so good……………………………………………………………

  7. Brittny Thompson

    This product works very well and scans extremely fast. Makes searching for books much easier and less time consuming.

  8. Arlyn Burkholder

    I was looking for 2d usb c scanner to use with a Surface Go.

  9. Michael Cain

    Just getting used to it and getting it set up. Haven’t had a chance to use it yet.

  10. Marc Luneau

    Simple to use. Barcode configurability is nice. Co workers have same device and like it.

  11. Jeffreylee preligera

    I use this for work. I is far superior to apps that utilize the devices camera

  12. Steven Long

    I haven’t been able to use it yet. When I attempted to pair it with my iPhone it didn’t work. In fact it interfered with my iPhones popup messaging. I am attempting to get it to work now.

  13. Daniel

    It’s ok it’s ok it’s ok it’s ok it’s ok it’s ok it’s ok it’s ok it’s ok it’s ok it’s ok

  14. Tony Prah

    So far so good. Scan a lot of barcodes for work. The connection options are great! I’ve had mine for about an hour, showed it to a Coworker he ordered one for himself already.

  15. Alexis Neely

    This product has made my job so much easier. It saves me so much time!!! Love it!

  16. Valerian Woodell

    Affordable, sleek, quick, lots of settings, easy to use. I love it.

  17. Paul Hoch

    It was a little bigger than I thought it would be. But so far it works well

  18. Tara Vogelsang

    Extremely handy as work has changed our presses and the device is compact and accurate.

  19. Reginald Mickens

    Company has used brand in the past. Great scanner purchased for work easy to use. I would like to purchase a protective case if 1 is available. Suggested this scanner to other workers.

  20. Carl Chastain

    I just started using the product and I’m having issues with the scanning barcode but I believe that problem is the program not the barcode scanner. I love how quick and responsive it is.

  21. Joshua Suddeth

    I use this Item to store bar codes while doing inventory at my job and it works great

  22. Simeon Oviedo

    Is compatible with all Operating service is light and very handy.

  23. Ceiara Richardson

    The product manual was a little confusing at first, but after reading over it several times you eventually understand how it works

  24. Joyce D Shannon

    I have not been able to evaluate yet, but it appears to be functioning correctly.

  25. Jessica S Saysombat

    the product is very user friendly and easy to use. i also enjoy the nice sleek design. its very simple and it gets the job done.

  26. Matthew Nelson

    Great so far. Just starting to mess around with it as of yesterday.

  27. Flora Chou

    The scanner is very easy to use and easy to connect wirelessly with Bluetooth. The design is very portable and nice looking. Light weighted and easy to hold.

  28. Joshua Reid

    This product has great functionality for a great price, is easily useable and works wonderfully.

  29. Onasis mariadas

    Goood . I like it. Sooo far it looks nice good .perfect size. Work fast


    It charged up great, it is having a bit of trouble with my android phone but I think it is because I need the android keyboard softward from you, I am sure it will be great at scanning books.

  31. Quentin Martain

    I really do like the sleek design; it feels comfortable in my hand. It’s very easy to use, and it scans barcodes pretty fast.

  32. Halil Karimis

    It looks good. It works very good. I scans quick and results are accurate.

  33. Jithendra Perinpamoorthy

    Helped me a lot with my job and my to get my life easier. I would recommend everybody to try this product

  34. James McCombe

    Just received the product and from testing it seems to work pretty great.


    Works well, have scanned 10 barcodes so far. Only error occured when scanning a Core water bottle (clear bar code). Feels solid, bluetooth connected immediately.

  36. Matthew Senegal

    I have to count inventory with a bulky scanner. Always tethered to my computer. I think with will make it alot easier to do inventory now inside my AT&T store

  37. Steven Leone

    I have had a good experience with the product so far. I like that it is small, compact and fits in my laptop bag. I use my scanner daily for work.

  38. Lee Maldonado

    First day with product and was easy to connect on wireless mode. I enjoy the design and am hoping for the best!

  39. Don Powell

    Does just what you expect. Good price, solid equipment. Not sure what else to say. It is a barcode scanner, there is not a lot to them. They scan barcodes 🙂

  40. Joe Trevino

    This product is exactly what we were looking for to inventory a medium to large size business. It seems to be very well constructed and its response is very fast. We have tested the Android and Windows 10 OS systems so far without a flaw. Also, very impressed with the signal range, it did not skip a beat. Awesome product.

  41. TBG Bookseller

    Working with business applications, after issue with bugs in bad fw replacement works

  42. Troy Sorensen

    Simple to set up and works great. While smallish size is nice, wish it was even smaller!

  43. Megan

    Very sleek, slim, easy to use! Will be incredibly user friendly as we use this for our new kids check in system where we will scan barcodes! Loving it!

  44. Louis Trevino

    Front of scanner would be great if had an angle to it for scanning flat surfaces barcodes from top.

  45. Richard Sellers

    This device has better options than scanners 5 times as much and 10 times as bulky. wish i had 4 more


    The scanner works great. Comes with a case and wrist strap to protect it. Also comes with a quick card to switch modes on the fly. With the 2.4gz it is amazing. I can scan as fast as my wrist allows me. The Bluetooth is frustrating (all scanner Bluetooth are unreliable though), but it’s the best I’ve tried so far. Nice thing is you can slow down it’s transmission speed so that it works better. Still fails about 1:10 barcodes when ultra slow.

    Overall I think I’d just use the 2.4gz dongle so Bluetooth doesn’t affect me that much, but it still would be nice to have in a pinch.

  47. Matt Jernigan

    Seems to work fine so far.

  48. Amram Investments

    Looks Great and Fast scanning , better then any scanner on amazon currently .
    great for business use and mobile applications

  49. David Garner

    The functionality is superb and the design is very appealing and portable. This device will be getting a lot of use!

  50. rowell


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