trohestar 1D Mini Barcode Scanner with Bluetooth CCD Scanner Model N3-CCD Grey

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  • The sales price on our website includes the cost of air freight to the United States. Freight charge varies for different regions. Please contact us to revise the freight before you pay.
  • CCD sensor, can read regular 1D barcodes on screen or shinny paper. Compatible with PCs, tablets, smart phones based on Windows, Linux, Android, IOS. Keyboard and manual input available, prefix/suffix/terminator/hide characters available.
  • Wired & 2.4G Wireless & Bluetooth Modes. MID, SPP, BLE Bluetooth profiles for flexibility. Transmission distance up to 150m in 2.4G wireless mode and 50m in Bluetooth mode depends on environment, obstacles and signal interference.
  • Instant Upload & offline Storage. You can scan and upload instantly, or store barcodes in the memory and upload later. With 16MB memory, it can store 130,000 barcodes max. With type-C USB cable to ensure better transmission and charging.
  • Manual Scan & Auto-sensing Scan & Continuous Scan. 1200mAh battery ensures 20 hours of continuous handsfree scanning, no pressing the button for efficiency. Lightweight and portable, with the ergonomic shape fits your palm, avoid muscle strain even for long-time using.
  • IP 42 anti-shock, durable plastic ensure the scanner can withstand drops up to 5ft/1.5m high . Come with an EVA storage case and covered with one-year warranty and 30-day return policy. ( Any issue please contact our support team, we’ll reply within 12 hrs. )


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144 reviews for trohestar 1D Mini Barcode Scanner with Bluetooth CCD Scanner Model N3-CCD Grey

  1. Melissa Brett

    Had a less expensive one before, and it stopped charging in less than 3 months. Liked the sleekness of the unit and the reviews.

  2. Ronald G Draper

    It’s exactly how I expected and arrived on time.

  3. Rebecca Waggoner

    Still trying to set it up. Figuring it out.

  4. Dan Freedman

    I like the size of the device and the ease of use.

  5. Duane Bullock

    Only had it for about 10 days but it is the best hand held scanner I have used.

  6. Christine M Anderson

    Only used the item a few times but I’m very impressed! The price was perfect and the item is very easy to use. I purchased another scanner of a different brand and had to replace it withing a week. Thanks for an awesome product!!!

  7. Maurice Benson

    Good product and seems durable

  8. Huy Nguyen Xuan Tran

    The visual keyboard phone doesn’t work when the scanner turns on

  9. Rebecca Lago

    Very nice looking design. Quick functionality. Plug and play!

  10. steven Lord

    nice design wit esay to use button

  11. Shafin Ali

    Good design, small, feels modern


    It did not come with a manual or set up instructions.

  13. Marlon Chance

    I can’t really respond because I just received it today.

  14. Terry Caldwell

    I just received the device in any type of related environment, but I have tested it and it works great.

  15. Emre Yucel

    Awesome product! Easy to pair and use!

  16. Leroy Smith

    So far it’s extremely handy. Especially having the function card.

  17. Ernesto Martinez

    I had some problems to set it up. But after that it is working really good.

  18. jacoby

    the design is nice. Setting this scanner to scan properly is no simple task since the insctruction arent explicit in the navigation of this device or the function of the settings. im currently searching for videos to aid me in getting the best use from this scanner since it initially was reading codes improperly

  19. aniketh makadiya

    it’s small and easy to carry and connect to the smart phone and i pads its very handy

  20. Julie Loerwald

    I just opened it and so far love it.

  21. Kim mccowan

    So far the product is great. Some of it is a little confusing, so the only negative comment would be I wish there was a tutorial about setting it up and using it.

  22. Jason Ponce

    I just got and it connected on my first try. I am looking forward to using it.

  23. Bart Stafford

    I was considering going with a much larger model but I’m happy that I went with this one. It’s lightweight portable and I can slip it in my pocket when I’m not using it

  24. Nathan Andrew Ryan

    Struggling some with setup and full integration. Besides the technical parts of setup, this is an excellent scanner for the price and I am very happy with the purchase! I sell on Amazon and this has helped me to create an efficient process.

  25. Bounnho Thongsirimongkhonh

    I use it to track inventory for my small home business I really like it overall, small, Bluetooth capabilities, rechargeable, ease of use, overall great product. Was recommended by co-workers who use it, satisfied with the product.

  26. David Jason Farabee

    Quality of the product and peripherals far exceeds the price asked. Cant wait to start using the product.

  27. Terry Mullins

    I love my scanner! My only problem is that I lost the dongle and can’t connect to my computer for inventory.

  28. Owen Falk

    It works great so far. I like the form factor and the ease of us

  29. Chris Foxall

    Very functional product. Works as described and will be using it daily.

  30. Parsa

    First day using it, so far so good!

  31. Shawn Bottineau

    Just received the product…but first impressions are good. Very slick looking.

  32. Dominick DeDonno

    very pleased to find that it works with chromebooks

  33. Rob Barling

    In general it works well. I find however, that the option to double click to reveal or hide the keyboard does not work. I am on an iOS device

  34. Daniel

    Good barcode scanner, works with iPhone and Windows so I can use it with both. If it had a screen on it, it would be nice though.

  35. Kenneth Woolf

    Very handy little device and I enjoy using this product so far.

  36. Bryan Dunlap

    there was no manual sent with my item


    I like how easy it is to use and the sleek design looks very trendy

  38. mazzy

    look stylish . very comfortable . szie also impressive

  39. Chad Dershaw

    Lightweight and easy to use! Also priced better than the competition!

  40. Sherrie A. White

    I’m still learning to use the product

  41. Lorrie McCarthy

    It works seamlessly with my inventory program.

  42. Bill Leach

    So far it is doing just what I wanted it to do.

  43. Christopher Aguilar

    Works great just dont scan with there is to much light around

  44. Simran kaur

    Very easy to connect. Good scanning

  45. Jian Li

    Great product at affordable price. Case is a nice touch.

  46. Wardrobe Technologies

    Haven’t used it enough to give an unbiased opinion. Better user guide to help understand how to transition between bluetooth and wireless would be great.

  47. Alissea Wood

    So far I like it. It seems to fit well in my hand and I love the case to store it in when I’m not using it.

  48. brad gallant

    i just got it yesturday, so i havent actually used it. but if it functions as a basic barcode scanner with our ipads, i will be buying more. the finish and design of the item are nice . the packaging and the little semi-hard storage case are a very nice touch. i really like the little hard plastic basic programming card. havn’t seen that before. something i would expect from the over priced symbol scanners i have dozens of, but first time i see it is from a random little scanner i got off amazon. nice indeed

  49. Rob Mieth

    Small, Compact, easy to configure with my cell phone. Scans quickly and accurately. No issues so far! This will make my life a lot easier scanning inventory to my phone app!

  50. Francois Dorval

    je l’aime il est très beau il fonctionne très bien

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