Wireless Barcode Scanner Model Ns1103/N2


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User Guide:

Part 1: Sort the product information in the tool.

First to have all your product details in Excel, and copy it to a TXT file and save both file.



1. Open the tool , click browse, and open the TXT file in the tool. Click browse.

Open the TXT file.

2. After opening the TXT file, the data in the TXT file will show on the lower left corner. Fill the filed: DisplayName and field: ExtractColn according to the data on the lower left corner.

If the barcodes show on the lower left corner is in column 1, then fill with DisplayName: barcode, ExtractColn: 1.

For values in other columns, fill them in DisplayName and ExtractColn in the same way.

For example: if the price is in column 4, then fill DisplayName with “price”, fill ExtractColn: with “4”.

3. Fill the DisplayRows according to your need. If the product name is long and need another row to display its whole name, you can fill the DisplayRows with “2”, if 2 rows still not enough for the product name, you can fill the DisplayRows with “3” to have 3 rows to show the whole product name.

4. Click a line in the lower left corner and the information in this line will display on the lower right corner, check if the information is right. What shows on the lower right corner is what will show on the scanner’s screen while we scan the corresponding barcode.

Part 2: Have the scanner prepared and download the product details.

1. Go Scan the Code *NSUPDATA*, and connect the scanner and pc with an USB cable. After connect the USB cable, the scanner screen will dispaly with “Start Download”.


  1. Click “Startup download” on your desktop tool.

2. After download the data, the product details will display after you scan the corresponding barcode.